KidEyes, alternative pop rock duo from Los Angeles, shines light directly into a dark modern world with humble hooks, richly warm guitar melodies, shiny synths, and rock steady grooves. The duo, Greg Cahn and Ben Epand, communicate their music as honest pop through a lens of everlasting youth and optimism.

Their newest single “Don’t Hold Back,” out on October 9th, delivers an urgent message of hope and not wasting another breath. Cahn explains, “Given the weight of the world right now, music can certainly heal, and as artists, this song is our way to help do just that.” The track is the kickoff to their upcoming EP, slated for Spring 2021.

Bursting on the airwaves through KROQ’s Locals Only with their debut single “Malibu,” they hit #1 with their most recent song “Ready to Go.” KidEyes’ live performances are infectious, holding their audiences close through every note, illuminating them with a renewed sense of belief. In 2019, they debuted at LA’s prestigious School Night, won over Orange County at KROQ’s Hermosa Beach Summer Series, and had a wild residency hosted by We Found New Music in LA’s music hot bed of Highland Park. LADYGUNN Magazine writes, “KidEyes’ sound will remind you of an OG Coldplay with the melodies of Imagine Dragons but with an edgier, more indie twist.”